Bunce Gilbert

An all-around Walkersville High School athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and baseball, Alton “Bunce” Gilbert was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, pitched for Kingston, New York, ending the season with an 18–6 record. He advanced to Oleand, New York, registering a 12–5 season. He then moved up to Santa Barbara, California, winning a league playoff game. That year Gilbert appeared on the cover of Life Magazine with other Dodger players. He then played for Nashua, New Hampshire, winning 12 games and batting .330. He developed a sore arm and returned home in 1950. Over the next six years, Gilbert played in the Penn-MD and Tri- County leagues with Taneytown, Union Bridge, and Walkersville. In 1952, he turned in a 21–0 season. Known for his fastball, curve and knuckleball, Alton Gilbert was one of Frederick County’s great natural athletes.