George Waxter

Dr. George Waxter, a retired dentist, was involved in Frederick County sports for more than 30 years. His competitive career began when he participated in the Maryland Senior Olympics in 1984. Waxter competed in the 1500-meter race and the 5K and 10K runs. From 1998 through 2003, he placed first in the 5K run four times, 1500-meter race three times, and won the 10K run once. Continuing his competition beyond the Maryland Senior Olympics, Waxter participated in all local long-distance events, including the five-mile run; 5K, 10K, and 15K runs; and is the Maryland state record holder for the 8K run. In his 16 years of competitive running, Waxter has placed first 64 times out of 94 events. He still continues his love for running, and he will always be a competitive athlete.