Leon Enfield

A Frederick County resident for 66 years, Leon Enfield was responsible in 1962 for helping to create jousting as the state sport for Maryland. He competed in jousting tournaments for 60 years in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Enfield was the Maryland Jousting Champion in 1957, 1961, 1962, 1964–1966, 1970, and 1973. He won the National Jousting Championship title in 1968, 1969, 1976, and 1978. Enfield was a 1975 charter member of the National Jousting Hall of Fame. Serving in many state jousting official capacities, Enfield was instrumental in introducing and teaching jousting to youth in Frederick County and surrounding states. He is very proud of his family’s involvement, and they all work together to preserve the integrity of the sport by performing and maintaining Enfield’s championship heritage.